Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Take the Mask to Task

My cloak, my concealer!
Enshroud my insecurities.
Protect the pretense which I put on.
Shield my face in your appearance,
that none may know my true affection.

What man should dare say
how another must spend his day?

False face of camouflage
shield me from criticism
within my clique of confidants.
Cover me in your facade.

To each and all his very own,
but be careful of what is sown.

Haloed hood, hide me amongst
the masquerade known as society.
Disguise my sins with your visor,
as a fig leaf for Eveandadam.

For all fall short of perfection,
upon the more meticulous inspection.

Let none pose a threat
to the veil which screens
my semblance to Judah,
as I hide in my air of invulnerability.
Dangle freely from the tree
with hideous grin of hypocrisy.

Show me a semblance
of the price to be paid.
Will it be an apple, or a life,
forty pieces of silver, or my soul?
Trust is that which when earned
Does not heat when it is burned.

Am I so blind? False colors
cover-up that which is true.
That all are in disguise for fear
of posture and the pretext
that some are more worthy.

No stone is thrown as I stand fast,
awaiting judgement for my past.

Raise the curtain, tear down the wall,
ruin my own disguisement.
Not as a pariah with nothing to lose
but as a man, just a man, nothing more.

What ever has a man to fear,
but to have none other near.

Dance with me as we sing free,
Laugh as we love unconditionally.


  1. Your poems always make my heart hurt. Not that that's a bad thing... xo

  2. Gorgeous writing... chosen for the front page for the Mask prompt. If you would like to include this badge on your blog you so very much earned it with this exceptional writing - http://picturespoetryprose.blogspot.com/2008/11/exceptional-writing-award.html