Friday, January 1, 2010

The usual holiday visitor...

Frustration knocks at my door once more!
Invader who must be repelled, showing
his contempted face to beg my assistance
in matters which are not his!

Does he bring reminders of memories for me?
Does he return that which is whisked from my
possession against my will? Does he present
olive branch or apologies for past wrongs?

He wants what they want, not what I want,
not what I NEED. He is here simply because
he needs, no, they want. Unfortunate it is
for me that what they want is what I want.

For the gods think it is funny, to rob my life
of wife and brood and money plenty. To send
the very wolves who steal my herd and use
the word to persecute me, how effing absurd.

Once more, like a whore, I must endure
the plans and schemes, foolish dreams,
and ramblings of those who steal
the wind from my very sails.

I will once again, give in,
to the whims of she and him,
who resemble coughed up phlegm
for the benefit of my lost kin.


  1. That was an interesting poem. You have talent!
    My first visit here.
    Thanks for visiting Secret Story Time!


  2. Thanks, Secretia. Not quite sure if this was acceptable as a poem. It started out that way and the frustration kicked in and just led me by my nose. Sure some of the word flow and I like a few of the lines, but I didn't even give it a name or second thought. Thanks for stopping, come again!

  3. I am liking this, you. I am liking how a story/feelings enfold through your words. Yes it is very much a Poem to me because it is you. It is part of you; your emotions. I am liking the not obvious rhyme flow through, too.

  4. Thanks, Saraha. And you are right, it is straight from my heart and head while wrestling with some very bad situations regarding my kids.