Thursday, May 23, 2013

If Only
by stu pidasso
Torn within this world
twixt the life I love
and the life I lead
working my niner
to cover cost
of a shiner
and keep the thatching
over me head
showing up daily
to slave for the man
doing his bidding
as a hired hand
drawing and crunching
numbers and more
producing the plans
for rigs found offshore
and silently slaying
our beautiful Mother
if I could do so
I'd make it by other
ways and means
still counting the beans
that it takes to make these
damn ends meet
Let me tell you
it's no small feat!
but had I no worries
and if I were in
no dang hurries
I'd read literature
and epic poems all day
I'd write every night
from dusk 'til first light
about any and all
joy, lover or sprite
and the unseen things
that keep our minds
wandering and wondering
'bout just what it might
take to hold sway
over the powers these days
that choose the fate of our world
for all that I wish
is a smile and a kiss
and a tomorrow for
my strong boy and
my beautiful girl.

1 comment:

  1. I love the quick read and yet, the laziness about such too. For many, the same sentiments captured in your words; your world *smile*