Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A quick stab at a new poem....

Clown on a High Wire

I sit stupefied in my ignorance,
wondering how to present my defense,
at being such a careless dolt.

I had presumed to know her heart,
and now am left to fall apart,
as if hit by a lightning bolt.

I took her smile as an advance
and lept at my fortuitous chance,
like a newly branded bucking colt.

My flirtation was unwanted,
and I stand before affronted
perplexed by my obvious revolt.

As my pride crumbles like stone wall,
The whole world surely hears the call
of my rent heart which she doeth holt.

As she leaves with nose on high
I remain here alone to try
to weather my wounded ego's assault.

But I should have known better
than to dare to vie to get her,
and risk such an emotional jolt.

From now on I'll always stay true
to that which I prefer most to do,
And roll myself another je-zolt.

stu pidasso


  1. Beautiful. Really. Sad, but beautifully written Stu.

  2. I cannot write like this. I am so undisciplined. I am so jealous of those that can and do *sigh* Beautiful wording and flow through, you.

  3. You are absolutely correct in your thoughts.I just hoped each reader gained something from reading my babies though.The feelings you had when reading are akin to my own when giving birth to her on the page.
    Thank you for stopping by my place.