Monday, May 10, 2010

Time to clean the scum trap!


by stu pidasso

I am an ugly American,
but I long to wear a white hat.
I try to walk the straight and narrow
to keep my feet on the righteous path.

But I'm hamstrung by my brothers
and their fathers before them.
Who have made the way dangerous
to walk by way of their own sins.

I wish to live in harmony
and peace with all the world.
No more war to establish dominance
over others' boys and girls.

But if you are an idle thinker
and keep your head stuck in the sand,
then the suits and all the lobbyists
will gladly lead you by the hand.

They'll put their puppets in place
and pass the laws that help themselves.
They'll not worry about the little man
and the public good will always get shelved.

Not sure if you believe
what I say now to be true?
Just take a look at our past track record
and see what our leaders are want to do.

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