Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Will it ever end?

by stu pidasso

This world is a rough and tumble place
and tough are the obstacles we all face.
Tedious and tiresome can be this rat race
as we all try to find some peace and solace

But when we are competing against so many,
it's expected that we run into the random unfriendly.
No matter when along the journey from five to ninety,
the ridicule we all will endure will be plenty.

The names which we will be called is sure to try,
and many will be the tears we are forced to cry.
Boos and hisses are the ammo the crowd will let fly.
Sometimes it will be so bad, we'll just want to die

But what we weather in our lives is not who we are.
It matters not the numbers or the type of scar.
Unimportant is the weight we drag or how far
our position is above or below the population's par.

How we conduct ourselves is the ultimate measure.
Are you a pain in the arse or are you a pleasure?
All the memories we share are the priceless treasure,
and all those unfriendlies out there might say, "Yeah, sure."

So when you find yourself mistreated now and again,
remember that it's how you play and not if you win.
Absolve all those who treat you wrong of their sin,
and part ways with them amicably with a hug and a grin.

Forgive and forget, but keep hostile feelings at bay.
Wipe the slate clean at the start of each day.
We all have to eat our words, so watch what you say;
and life is hard enough, so remember to play.


  1. I agree with everything this poem speaks to.

  2. This is beautiful, entertaining and witty. Great job!

  3. Profound truth conveyed in a light humorous way. Enjoyed reading it!