Friday, January 7, 2011

You have mail! YAAAAAAAAY!!

Adorations on Onion Skins

by stu pidasso


If there is someone
who needs wrong undone,
a heart in need of mend;

or if you have a feeling
that has you reeling
for a lover or a friend;

take precious time
to compose a rhyme
full of love to lend.

Sign it. Seal it.
Address, stamp and mail it;
before you reach day's end.

For nothing makes one smile
as wide as a country mile
than adorations sent hand-penned.

The effort undertaken
won't be found mistaken
in the manner you chose to spend.

For any tongue can wag
like a plastic bag
dancing on the wind.

Who knows? Someday
a random note sent your way,
your blues may help to suspend.

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