Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I've been looking, but....

Eye Don't See
by stu pidasso
Eye don't see
the races you win
as you swim
the waters mightily
Eye don't see
the tears you weep
as you sleep
staining your pillows nightly
Eye don't see
the outfits you wear
or the boys stare
on the awaited weekends
Eye don't see
the look of sheer joy
on the face of my boy
playing with new friends
Eye don't see
the abundant emanation
of copious frustration
wrestling emotional twisters
Eye don't see
overwhelming compassion
unbridled, no ration
while playing with his sisters
Eye don't see
the pain and sorrow
felt each morrow
waking as sleepy head
Eye don't see
the rhyme or reason why
inside we must die
and cry each night in bed
Eye don't see
enough of you, so true
over too much ado
occasional photos instead
Eye don't see
what eye can feel
as fingers peel
at these sky blue balls
Eye can feel
the torment plain
in each refrain
of their tortured calls
Eye can feel
the searing fire
growing steadily higher
with each season's fall
Eye can sense
your puny defense
of the pretense
on that side of the wall
will be the norm
as an eye of the storm
sure to reach its landfall
Eye hear
the ayes have it,
but by bad habit
I ignore implores to not even the score
Because an eye for an eye
none can deny
is a sound lesson
passed down form old lore


  1. this is nice Stu!! I like the way it is laid out and the way the words shift with meaning :-)

  2. I am thinking this is a clever write. It takes several readings to see and understand, but I am liking this; you.