Monday, February 9, 2009

They call it Stormy Monday

The Routine

Rise from dead,
sleepy head.
Wakey, wakey, bake instead.

5k harlot,
sun shines, I smile at it.

Round the 'hood,
feeling good,
ember's ignite morning wood.

My first cup,
Sol, wuz up!
Breakfast time, gobble up.

Eggs and cheese,
if you please,
must ignore the aching knees.

Shower bare,
wash the hair,
clean the pearlies with gentle care.

Comb the mess,
time to dress,
love to sleep in, I confess.

But 'tis Monday,
stormy some say.
Five more left until time to play.

Earn my keep,
mop and sweep,
work 'til dusk and time to sleep.

All once more,
out the door,
off to finish my puzzles galore.

Stu Pidasso


  1. "Morning wood..." (giggle, giggle) ;)

    I wasn't really serious about coming on your camping trip, but now I'm thinking about it! I'm planning to a trip to the Grand Canyon still and hoping that'll work out, but keep me posted on your plans!