Thursday, July 23, 2009

Do I have enough for another ticket?

The Carousel

I think love like a carousel, goes round.
Lord knows it has got it's ups and downs.
With rainbow lights flashing and music blaring,
those with no tickets, are left jealously glaring.

It matters not which mount you ride.
For love, indiscriminately, will abide.
Even if you chose but to stand along,
love mesmerizes with sights and song.

But if in line you spend your time,
you'll get your chance to feel sublime.
Buy your ticket and climb on in,
and love will take you for a spin.

And should the carnival ride cease to turn,
forcing you off and leaving you to yearn,
you have but to buy a ticket still
and love will grace you with another spill.

As for me, the merry-go-round spun in 3D
whirling and twirling me gyroscopically;
head over heals, my noggin reeling,
ejecting me earthbound with dizzy feeling.

I lost my balance and lost my way
and found myself ruing that fateful day
that I had even climbed aboard.
What was I thinking? Why me, Lord?

But once the queasiness had passed
I realized why I had lost the lass.
And standing outside looking in,
I wonder if I should dare ride again.

by stu pidasso

1 comment:

  1. Everything happens for a reason, I am thinking and yes it is always worth the dare.
    I do like how your babies enfold a story and also how disciplined you are with your words/your writings.You put me to shame Mister Pidasso!