Monday, May 24, 2010

Calculus makes me feel ICK!

Eye Sea Que
by stu pidasso

I have always looked upon arithmetic

with a sense of dread (and a facial tick).

I am not sure why, as the concepts stick

in my brain like a penguin grasped by an oil slick.

Out of all the school subjects, I'd have to pick

any of several math disciplines with which to inflict

a daily supply of homework, enough to make one sick;

but after a life of watching the disappearing candlewick,

and hearing far too much of the annoying remote click,

I now find that using parts of math has become slick

to count all the money earned watching the clock tick.

So, if math leaves you feeling like a backwoods hick,

let me pacify your fears with this knowledgeable trick,

its as easy to understand as a lighter made by Bic,

learning to count your heard-earned money is a picnic.

So stop wasting time and get to it quick!

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