Friday, August 7, 2009

Mother Nature's mobile

Mother Nature's Mobile

I'm not afraid of the dark, you see;

for Mother Nature has thought of me.

She has hung high up in the sky

a brilliant mobile for my eye.

A golden moon, and countless stars,

accompanied by Venus, Jupiter and Mars.

A few more celestial bodies too,

to keep me safe from you know who.

It comes complete with midnight sound

of all her creatures found around.

And when finally I am sound asleep,

She let's the moon ebb into the deep.

And though it slips my mind for now,

She emanates her beauty again, and how!

Mesmerizing, tantalizing, awe inspiring is She.

I am struck giggly, giddy, silly by her wondrous beauty.

stu pidasso


1 comment:

  1. If this was my Baby I would put together the two line stanza; closer together. So such stands out more.
    She is a beauty though and the flow through purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect, making the read so silky smooth.