Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When the flood gates open....

Memories Across Texas

Midnight star gazing
Insane squirrel hazing
Traversing Texas toodle-oo

Llano dam jumping
Fist in the air pumping
Paige, Texas rest stop switcheroo

Canoeing Lake Bastrop
fresh morning dew drop
Full out fist fight between you two

Granite block fence jog
Fodder for my blog
My goodness, what a grand view

Old friend’s reception
Life’s hurtful deception
Not quite knowing what else to do

Austin by Metro
Always on the get go
A day spent down in Waterloo

Job site south of Dallas
Grudge with no malice
Green knight over him who wears blue

Eagle’s nest swaying
Devil’s Hole playing
Lake exploring by way of canoe

Another few years
Less travels more tears
I already miss our times, do you??
stu pidasso


  1. Excellent! I was there with you!

  2. And I was on that cloud. Did you see me?
    I am thinking this could be a song. I have a tune in my head. Really! I do NOT lie!