Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can't be free wheeling round here!!

Bob Dylan was just chillin'
when he got that eerie feeling
that starts a man's body reeling.

Along sidled up "The Man",
who called out from her sedan,
"Slowly show me your hands."

This bent old aged fellow
continued acting very mellow
while strutting down the bordello.

He said, "Cool down, Cat!"
You need not act like that.
Eye my leopard skin pill box hat."

But the young lass was at a loss.
She didn't know of this ol' hoss.
So, she radioed her beat boss.

"Any of you old sixties dogs,
can manage to muster up your cogs,
to ID this man with voice of frogs?"

Her older contemporaries,
sitting 'round scarfing Ben & Jerry's,
laughed at her unschooled queries.

That man has gone quintuple platinum!
He's been the center of what's happening
and could sell records just with his hum.

He can rock a jelly roll
he can make a bell pay toll
Why do you interrupt his stroll?

I had no idea who he is.
I didn't know about his biz.
You act like I should know this wiz!

And you should for he is the dream.
He made all the teenagers scream.
These days his concerts live stream.

On tour with the one they called the Cougar
Along with that old Red Headed Stranger
The three work for the meek and meager.

by stu pidasso

Bob Dylan is on tour with Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. They were north of here a few weeks ago and I missed it big time. But lately they are in the New York/New Jersey area.

Bob took a stroll as he is want to do sometimes. He was in a Latino part of town and the locals called the police to report an old man acting suspiciously. So when did an old man walking down the street looking at houses in a neighborhood constitute suspicious activity? Anyhow, this twenty year old female law enforcement officer responds to the call and pulls up to Bob. She asks him for identification (we aren't required to carry it are we??). And he has none. She asks him his name. Bob Dylan. And she has no clue who this guy is. She take shim into custody in her car and drives him to the hotel where he says he is staying. When they get there, the tour officials assure her that this is Bob Dylan and he is quite well known around the country (and the world). Poor girl was probably pretty embarrassed.

Bob was just being Bob. He was relaxing and enjoying one of the few things that we. as Americans, partake in these days. He was just slowing down and "smelling the flowers". He was taking a walk through one of the local neighborhoods and looking at what makes up America these days. He wasn't bothering anyone. He wasn't casing houses for home invasions. He wasn't peddling drugs or whores on the corner. He was probably making mental notes for lyrics for his next studio release. I wouldn't be surprised if the girl with the badge ended up in a stanza of one of his songs. his is what he does. It is what we all should feel comfortable to be able to do. Take a walk across town and shake some hands with our neighbors we don't know. Sit in the shade of a tree in the park and read a book and watch the kids play the day away.

The elusive American dream.....to be able to day dream your afternoon into tomorrow. I am going to sit on my front porch tonight with a pitcher of lemonade and a watermelon cut into two inch slices. I might even spit a few seeds toward the street.

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