Tuesday, December 31, 2013

And from the old, new...

Another glorious day is upon us, and what we do with it defines us.  I post one old and one new to help give a clue of who I am, how I am and who I strive to be.

Every month I try (and am usually successful) to send my lovely daughter money to help with school and bills.  I like to wrap her gift in poetry so that , maybe, she will be smiling when she cashes the checks (and because she's my daughter and deserves to smile).

But why stop with my daughter, I should be striving to hand out smiles to any and everyone on a daily basis.  It is a staunch reversal in the manner in which I used to hand out cries like they were hot cakes on a cold morning.

Please, have a smile on me.

I wrote all of these while sitting in the hospital on the seventh floor.  I knew I would be sending my daughter a check and therefore I wanted to write her smiles.  I had to ask the nurses at a nurse station for some paper, which they gave to me.  I sat, I wrote, I thought and I looked.  As I worked, in came un viejo caballero.  He was the real deal.  Rough leather skin on his neck and hands, dusty old boots on his feet, working pants and shirt coupled with his weathered cowboy hat painted an amazing picture.  At that point I started writing about him, and then started writing haikus in Spanish.  As I composed, a young Hispanic secretary came in the relax on break.  I asked her what a few words were in Spanish (heart...corazon and love amor) and she told me and commented that I must be writing a love letter to a girl friend.  When I explained to whom I was writing, she fawned about how I was the sweetest man she had ever met.  She asked for and read my haikus and we parted after she gave me her phone number (big smile here).  After I finished writing all but the last haiku, I wanted fresh paper to perfect my handwritten poems upon for sending.  Off to the nurses station I headed, but on my way there I ran into the same nurse who had given me the paper to begin.  We spoke, I asked for more paper and then she noticed my hand written Japanese Haiku (my daughter is taking Japanese this semester and Google Translator is AWE!SOME!).  She asked if they were hieroglyphics and I explained about the daughter and the Japanese and the checks and what not.  AGAIN, I got the "awwwww" factor and "how sweet" and a "I wish I had a man like that in my life" reaction.  We parted with an exchange of paper, a phone number and smiles.  Two women, two phone numbers and two smiles all for me being who I am and doing what I do.  And then I sat down and wrote the last haiku.  I am who I am.  I do what I do.  And I am happy in my own skin.  We all should be so lucky.

My Favorite Name

By stu pidasso

I heard
That word
Again today
It made me grin
And almost cry
It’s the single thing
I’ve been called
Which I’ll cherish
Until I die
This title, my friends,
Means much more
Than any words
I have to say
But I’ll attempt
To use my words
To explain how
I felt today
For nothing in
This world, if you please
Will break a man
Down to his knees
As hearing a small voice
Chime with such rejoice
This simple, light,
Beloved moniker.
It is a label
Oft reserved
Easy to earn
And quite deserved
By any man
Who has taken time
To love and guide
A tiny mime
As I’ve been known
To be addressed
In several dozen ways
Once, it was brown berry
Most often
It’s plain old Jerry
And once it was
Johnny Meg
Still it’s Shroom
The hooker of doom
I was known as
Andrew Evan too
My pseudonym
Was Mr. Pidasso
Also known as Stu
I’ve even been called
Uncle Fatty
But my favorite
By a long shot
Is just the simple

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