Monday, August 30, 2010

Dog Days of Summer Done Got Dog Gone

Old Dogs and New Tricks
by stu pidasso

I bark from where I sit.
I am too old and lazy to chase anymore.
Those damn squirrels
taunt me from my water bowl,
as do those flighty dove.

Kids walk through my yard
unencumbered by my presence.
They do not fear, nor do the elicit
any action from my tired hide.
It is "chasing rabbits" that I love.

I used to dig like a chinaman,
throwing sod and earth behind me.
Now I dig the cool concrete,
wiggling my snoozing puppy-dog feet
and chewing on my best friend's glove.

Even the cat, that overgrown rat,
promenades about the hedges.
I would, if I could, teach him
a thing or three about feline sandwiches,
with help from the Master above.

But even in my advanced state of age
occasionally i am found in such a fit
and am thus to be tied to the tree out back.
Now they want me to get "tutored", and off
we go to that villainous vet, just because...

this old dog needs to learn new tricks.

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