Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Look what I stepped in.....

Serendipity of Slutdom
by stu pidasso

My path to ruin
has spanned the years
My choice of actions
has elicited tears
The consequences of which
has stoked my fears
and left me a debt
which is still in arrears

The descent of my honour
is a pitiful ordeal
my shame and my sorrow
are hard to conceal
Chasing life like prey
has passed with the thrill
for my wasted life is
the true victim of my kill

For one of the young ladies
I bagged in the hunt
wound up carrying child
due to my callous want
The untimely occurrence
led me to the church front
Then to child number two and
a role much more important

But somehow amidst
this life long mess
The only trophies I have
I stumbled upon, I confess
Now I strive to atone
without an ounce of duress
or a single iota
of intent to impress

For during the time
I was trying to feel
any and all of the pleasure
the Devil used to appeal
To me to lead me astray
so my soul he could steal
has led to my salvation,
and that, I find is surreal

This is my offering for last weeks challenges at 3 Word Wednesday and the Wednesday Poetry Challenge at Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer. The 3 words are descent, kill and surreal.

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