Thursday, May 19, 2011

He provides all we need

Dove Hunt
by stu pidasso

Early morning chill
as sun peeks over hill
the coos can be heard
on wing like lone bird
with cotton wisps in the sky

perched 'neath the mill
cooling like pie on windowsill
waiting the first fly by
with hunter's gleam in my eye
anticipating the afterward

standing guard over rows
ignoring these frozen toes
while marvelling at the scene
so peaceful, so serene,
Nature's beauty none can deny.

Any West Texas boy knows
how fall morning story goes
between flock flying by
and nuts raw or on pie
bounty is there to be seen

Noon has finally arrived
and a box of twenty-five
fills your limit of fifteen
to field dress and clean
a meal for eating with friends

For it's good to be alive
yes, the hunters have thrived
to bad the dove met their ends
to nature we'll make amends
with cheeses, apples, jalapenos and bacons


  1. I am NOT a great fan of structure. Only because it requires discipline; which I have little of.
    You have crafted this so well and the flow through makes a read that I want to repeat.
    'on wing like lone bird
    with cotton wisps in the sky' Love this especially; you.

    BTW typo last stanza 'to bad the dove met their end' = 'too bad the doves met their end'

  2. thanks for the proof read and for stopping by. I'll get by your place to view your latest babies shortly. Will correct the typo.