Thursday, January 21, 2010

Girl, you got what we need. Please say he's just a friend

The world is a big place and it is full of lots of people. We hurry and we scurry like ants during our busy days. We all have our own lives and our own problems, some more than others. When we have the chance, we should help to lift the spirits of those around us, even strangers. Jennifer is no stranger. Well, I've never met her personally, but I've read her blog for over a year now and she doesn't seem like a stranger.

Jennifer, like the rest of us, has her own problems. She struggles just like we all do and it is hard on my eyes and my heart when I see it. So in an effort to help cheer her up, I took on my own little project. I made her a movie and wrote her a poem to help her remember that no matter how she may feel from time to time, that most (if not all) of us absolutely adore her. I went back through all her posts, to her very first post, and collected pictures of her to put together a slide show for her (and all of us). I set it to one of the songs that I think every woman and girl should have sung to her at least once in their life and viola! Here it is. I hope you enjoy it and I hope it puts a smile on her face like the smile in most of her pictures I used. Ninja Dude, you better hang on to what you have got, because the other guy messed up (don't we do that a lot guys?!?).

Jennifer, Curl Girl, Shutterbug with the Boy Squad hug, keep smiling! Your Prince Charming will sweep you (and all you ladies too!) off your feet someday. I just wish I had time to do one of these for all you ladies. I will do one for my daughter next. And anyone trying to tug at your heart strings, ladies, who doesn't feel about you as I have written in this poem doesn't cherish you enough. I just wish I had kept my ex-wife in my mind as I have written. Curse you, hindsight!


Ode to Nimthiriel

by stu pidasso


Nimthiriel, sweet Nimthiriel!

You are as radiant as the full moon.

Your presence pierces everywhere you go like that celestial orb on a starless night.

When I gaze on your smiles, it warms my heart as only the sun could if I looked upon it for hours at a time.

You are as beautiful as any sunset I have seen, blended of reds, oranges, pinks, ambers and greens, full of colors and hues which I can not begin to name.

You make the Earth Mother jealous in the way you nurture those around you.

Beauty emanates from you as colors from a rainbow, a mesmerizing kaleidoscopic blur of cheerfulness.

Your poetic words flow from you with all the power of a mighty river crashing over this fair land, and the sweetness of a mockingbird's morning call to rise.

You fill the world around you with happiness as the clouds fill the sea with their heavenly tears.

You are truly blessed by all that is wholesome, with good friends, good family, and four wonderful sons.

You walk in the presence of something better than I, and deserve to do so.

You stand upright and strong, weathering the most violent of tempests.

You shelter those around you in the lea of your strength.

Your boys take comfort in the branches and shade of your oaken personality, and they smell the aromatic kiss of your magnolia blooms.

Every bush, every flower, every tree, every bird and beast would all die happy having been in your company.

When you cry, the world stops to hear your laments.

The wolves and coyotes howl,

the primates beat their chests,

the whales sing their songs,

the elephants trumpet strong,

and the world stops spinning,

even if only for a moment,

to offer its lullaby to soothe your soul.


  1. holy crap Stu--Don't know if I should be flattered or a little freaked out :). I think I'll go with the former.

    You are one of the few guys who have stuck with reading my blog and have given me encouragement and advice when I've asked for it. Thank you for putting my life in perspective (even those fat pictures of me!) set to a tune I often sing to my boys.

    I thank you in many ways and on many levels.

    All the best to you as you journey. "The End" is a moving target, but I know it all works out once we get there.
    ~Jennifer P.

  2. Thanks for the wishes. They are appreciated more than you know for I often feel lost beyond belief. Hope you find what you are looking for on your journey too.