Friday, September 10, 2010

If the earth were a restaruant

The Tab

by stu pidasso


Life to most is one big feast.

The buffet is piled up tall.

Pull up a chair. Don't beware.

There is plenty here for all.

Who eats the most or the least?

Do you think it really matters?

Fill your plate without a care.

Go ahead have multiple platters.

Devouring like a rabid beast,

those with appetites, so robust,

eat their fill while unaware

their guts become over-stuffed.

Only when the have ceased

do they realize their harm.

They sit bloated and stupidly stare,

gluttons devoid of any charm.

Their bill has rise just like yeast,

and now it waits to be paid.

You ate, you pay, that is only fair.

Recall how your bed was made?

No hands are waiting to be greased.

No, you won't receive a free ride.

Skip this tab and you should prepare

to be the entree with a tasty side.


  1. sorry about the subject matter. Got the idea in my head and ran with it. I thought it came out nice, maybe a bit tedious, but still works.