Thursday, March 19, 2009

My superhero identity is.......

Mama Kat is running her workshop today. So I chose to list ten things that I can do in three minutes. Sounds easy right….yeah, right! The first couple on the list were pretty easy, then the blank mind kicked in and I had to start getting honest with myself. By the time I got to number ten, I had to get brutally honest with myself. I hope you have an easier time getting through my list than I did.

Ten Things I can do in 3 minutes.....

1. Get from my home to my office.
2. Sprint 100 yards.
3. Pass out from holding my breath. (see number 2)
4. Alienate an entire bar of patrons.
5. Channel surf all 65 stations on my TV.
6. Roll a killer je-zolt.
7. Count to 21 on my digits. (this one is iffy)
8. Have your sister naked.
9. Piss my mother-in-law off bad enough to leave.
10. My girlfriend….twice. (and Eggman can still grab a snack too!)
And on a good day, I can do ALL ten inside three minutes!!


  1. Ummm... my sympathies to your girlfriend... and my (non-existent) naked sister... ;)

  2. PS... thanks for your comment today. I'm sorry it's so hard. I'd say I hope it gets easier but although I hate the idea of you hurting, I love that you love and miss your kids that much.

    And I remain OOYNSSA (not so secret ;)

  3. Your non-existant sister has as much to worry about as my non-existant girlfriend. Just trying to turn a hard set of prompts into something funny.


  4. You did a good job... as always... xo

  5. Okay, I'll admit- I was a bit disturbed by the naked sister thing- glad to hear you don't have one.

  6. I liked the naked sister. It stopped me, and slowed me down while running through your list. It made me laugh.

  7. Diane - Thanks for coming by. You rock and it shows on your blog.

    Anonymous - get a life!!

    Sherri - That would be YOUR sister. I have one but we won't go there....even I am not that disturbed.

    CJ - I made you laugh and that was what I was aiming for. I'll try again.

    Thank you all for stopping in, I'll have much better posts in the future.


  8. This was hilarious. Don't apologize for what you want to say on your own blog. You're the thrid person who has offended someone using MY prompts! Why do I feel responsible!?! ;)