Friday, May 1, 2009 - media assbags!!

Our local "not worth a shit" newspaper has been in the process of going cyber. They have made the steps over the last couple of years to really put their product (local media) into the Internet community. They have all their paper content on their website. They even had a really good user forum and user comment section set up.

But if it isn't broken, don't fix it.

For some reason, they have decided to scrap what they had and proceed to implement a brand new user forum and user commenting procedure. One must now register with them and provide pretty good information to interact on their sites. Even leaving comments on various articles has gotten ubercontrolled by these people.

But the cool thing is that this is America, the good ol' US of A and we have a thing called freedom of speech over here. Unfortunately there are always people who want to try and exert some sort of control over the masses.

It has even gotten so bad that there is no such thing as an independent or neutral media outlet. Everyone of them is controlled by someone and more and more those "someones" are using their control to sway their media messages. Every debate at the office water cooler these days involves an argument over which news station s are liberal and which are conservative.

I, for one, will not stand for censorship. I like neutral and I like for every citizen to have the opportunity to voice his opinion in the forums where anyone can read them if they so choose.

So, my response to these punk-assed media control freaks over at the inept Midland Reporter Telegram is to chant at the loudest I can "FLUCK YOU!! I WON"T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!!"

And to all the staff at the most worthless rag in the land, The Midland Reporter Telegram, that actually support and are implementing this controlled censorship; I say that you will probably not have a job long.

And I encourage all out there who agree to spend fifty cents a day and buy an MRT from the local paper dispensing machine and empty the machine and toss them in the trash. You choose to censor us, we will censor you back.

I may or may not have been doing this for a while and I hope they go out of business.


  1. Oooooooh... remind me never to get on your bad side!

  2. That would be the left hand side. Careful, it's a doozie. Venting is good for a person and I am a strong believer in and supporter of civil disobedience (as long as it is not physically harmful to a person or pet). I have even been considering using the papers to do paper-mache (did I spell that right!?!?) art projects. Maybe something in a protesting manner......against censorship maybe??