Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread, so here I go...

I was reading the morning news today and came across this report from the Vatican. It seems the Pope thinks that the world financial leaders have a shortage of ethics.

What? Please, run that by me again. Really!!

This is coming from the man who runs the largest organized religious group in the world. They have an insane amount of wealth at their disposal, not to mention the enormous amounts of land they own, who knows how much in artifacts and relics stolen from other cultures. The volumes of written material alone that they have amassed over the millenia is staggering and irreplacable. I won't even begin to start in on HOW they managed to collect all their stash, but it involves murdering, torturing and stealing fortunes from families for centuries.

I was raised Catholic and I still attend mass on occasion to appease my mother (bless her soul), but I am ardently opposed to organized religion. I am my own keeper. My relationship with any higher power (wether it be God, Allah, Buddah, The Great Spirit, or Barney the large purple dinosaur,) is exactly that, MINE.

For this man at the control of one of the most evil machines, IMHO, to pass judgement on the financial leaders of the world is a JOKE!! Mr. Pope, why don't you make amends for the countless souls that your group has preyed upon before you start telling the rest of the world what to do.

In fact, there is a law suit in the Spanish courts right now dealing with the fortunes of the families of the Knights of Templar, whom you had killed and stole their belongings. Mr. Pope, I hope you lose.

And that, people is why I don't practice Catholicism (or any other devotion) anymore. I would much rather thank Him myself while I look at the beatiful sunrise He provides each morning.

As U2 say in one of their songs, the god I know isn't short of cash mister!

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