Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am only human, hear me roar!

As I walk this earth and increase my girth and delay the day I go back to dirt; I struggle to emit a message not to forget and hope that those who listen actually get it. Pursue your dreams and give it your best shot, but do not horde what you have got; but dare to share with those unaware that there is more to life than material things. Live well and share that which is most precious to the wiser of us all. Take a moment and share a joke, dance a jig and laugh at yourself with a friend. Because when we are called home, none of our possessions will earn us accolades, but the tears of those who love us most and will miss us until we meet in a better place will be the sole measurement of what we gave on this earth.

I thought for many years that my father was rough and callous and that although he was a smart man, that he treated people wrong. But at his funeral, the sheer numbers of people who showed up to pay their respect floored me. I realized then that we have moments where we grate on each other, but the overall make up of each of our cherished relationships is a positive one.

I miss him now and have so many questions for him, but they will have to wait. Until then I will try to give more smiles than cries to those who share their lives with me.

Live, laugh, dance and sing. Love every chance you get and forgive those who wrong us.

I still struggle with that last one.


  1. Forgiving is not an easy thing to do...I think everyone struggles with it.

    I love your message of words to live this to your kids!

  2. Wonderful message!! And I'm with you on forgiveness... I just wrote a comment on someone else's blog about it. It's hard for me because it feels like I'm saying whatever the person did to hurt me is OK. But that's not it. I'm beginning to realize that forgiving is about ME and not them... it frees me from anger and hurt... and that's a good thing! xo

  3. Still struggling with the forgiveness thing - I can't quite wrap my mind around it.