Thursday, October 29, 2009

My favorite (and not so) Halloween costumes

This being the Writers Workshop before the 2009 Halloween, I am writing about my favorite TWO Halloween costumes. They just so happen to be in back to back years.....but I can't really put my finger on which years. Both involved my last girlfriend, Ce.

The first year was the year we went together as Romeo and Juliet. I went as Juliet, dress and all, and she as Romeo. It went off well considering I was sporting a full beard and mustache. Everyone got a kick out of our costumes and we had a blast all evening long. We graced the local hot spot, The Bar, which had a huge holiday blast in full swing. But there was a second bar right behind it, and many patrons were gliding back and forth between the two. I ended up sans Romeo at this other bar. I didn't have to buy a drink all night as all kinds of people who were loving the outfit were kind enough to belly up to the bar with me and treat me to a beer or shot.

At some point the rest of our group, the rugby team, caught up with me and Romeo found me flirting with the bartender. As we started to leave the second bar, the bartender's boyfriend and his buddies decided they were going to rough Juliet up and teach her a lesson. But Juliet was too drunk to fight and as their luck would have it, they followed me out to the parking lot without realizing that there were twelve other ruggers coming out right behind them. After a quick Duct taping session, we left the four fellows in the bed of a truck and headed off to home. Dumbasses!

The very next year, the rugby team hosted a supehero/supervillian themed Halloween party. Every one showed up except for The Hulk. I was going to attend as the Hulk. I went and picked up some green spray on chalk spray for sidewalks, a doctors coat and a stethoscope. I started painting the entirety of my body with the spray green crap, with the intentions of being green under my doctor outfit and wearing a name badge with Dr. Baxter on it. At some point in the evening I was going to go into the bathroom and ditch my clothes and finish spraying the green on myself.

I forgot to factor in one thing though. The green spray had an adverse reaction to my skin. As I neared completion of painting myself COM.PLETE.LY green I began to notice a burning sensation. I was in the shower in no time, begging the our sweet Lord to help me. I didn't make the party that night and all wondered where I was.

I still hear about that incident these days.

Happy Halloween and be safe kiddies!


  1. I could just imagine what those guys were thinking after the duct tape incident.
    So with the allergic reaction you really did swell like the hulk, just in red and not green huh?

  2. I feel bad for laughing. Sort of ;)