Monday, December 7, 2009

Torn, torn and torn.....

After a long, event filled weekend with lots of little interesting things happening in many facets of my crazy life; I have come to the conclusion that who ever gets credit for that age old adage "Damned if you do, damned if you don't!" hit it right on the head.

The local rugby team which I am coaching this season has opened up our 2009/2010 campaign by going 0-2 despite having two home games to start. We have earned 2 losses by a total of 10 points while fielding sides made up of players who have little experience in the game. Most of our guys playing have less than three months under their belt, and although we have really talented athletes to pick from, we just aren't getting it done on the field. And so the grumblings have started. I am hearing questions regarding my giving starting spots and ample playing time to guys who are not as solid on the field as the veterans who don't show up on a regular basis (or at all) for practice. So, try showing up for practice on occasion!! Makes sense, right?


...between playing the guys who make an effort and the guys who are screwing the team over through their own non-commitment.

Then there is the ex-wife and her new dick. Although she and he have got the gall to tell me I won't get time with my kids over Xmas this year (because it is just too much trouble for them), they have the balls to tell me that I need to pay for my daughters car insurance for the year since they paid for 1/3 of her vehicle. I love my kids and I will do damn near anything for them, but that bitch and her new cunt she married are in dire need of a stomp on the face. If you keep fucking with me, why would you think I would help you in any way at all? Fucking morons. I agreed to pay it anyway and the worst part about it was that my daughter had to ask me and was fearing an explosion (I guess I set myself up for that reaction). She was a little overwhelmed by the whole situation and shocked that I said "yes" at all. So even when I do the nice thing and agree to go out of my way to help my kids after being spooged upon, I am still the bad guy and leave people feeling like shit.


....between helping my daughter enjoy some of her high school life and letting my ex-wife and her new dick know that when you screw with people and act like ass bags, that you don't get rewarded for it.

And last, there are my brothers. I have two living in my mom's house with her. One fakes work at his 40/week job so he can drink and smoke weed and basically sit and watch television for eight hours a day while everyone else does the chores around him. And the other is buying cars and water skiing equipment and crap for himself while getting free room and storage space from my mother while charging her to make repairs to the house for her daily comfort and needs.


,,,, between loving my brothers and slapping them in the head for being little mooches.

Oh well. Another day another set of frustrations.

Hope your day is going better then mine. Cheers.

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