Monday, March 1, 2010

common sense and life....I thumb my nose at thee again!

I gotta be me. I just gotta. I am a free spirit and I can be quick with the temper and some of you have experienced that straight away (Diane I am still one of your OOYSAs and if I "stalk" anyone again it will be you I promise).

So I survived another weekend of rugby. At 41 years of age, that is worth a round of golf clap. Yes, I feel like a semi ran me over, backed up and ran me over again just for good measure. No injuries, per se, but I am still sore as all get out. But I found again this weekend that I just love this game. Sure we travelled with just eight (we play with fifteen on the field each team), and yes the other team gave us players to help us fill our squad, and yes the rest of the opposing team was concentrating on honing their game on us (tackle dummies we be), but I had a great time. I made good tackles, I made good line breaks, I stepped on a guys bicep so hard that he thought I broke his arm (he shrieked, really he did). Afterwards, I swilled beer, I ate fajitas, I swilled beer, I got lessons on how to properly pull a woman's hair (in a good way), I swilled beer, I fought/slap boxed/wrestled with all seven of my teammates over the course of twelve hours, I swilled MORE beer, went to a UT college party where we wore plain white tees and wrote on each other with Sharpies, puffed the magic dragon, swilled more beer and ended up at home at 4am.

But I digress. Aside from loving rugby, I write poetry. I travel. I enjoy photography. I drink beer and puff the magic dragon. I am me and I will always be me. I tried not being me for others and it got me nothing but big bills and heartache.

SO why does this come up. Well, I feel I may have alienated another blogger, bad enough that they won't be back to visit anymore. That makes me a bit sad. I liked her. She is smart, funny, talented, motivated, loves her family and probably so much more than that.

The point is.....although I may have hurt her feelings or made her mad (it is the perception I get but may not be so) I don't feel any animosity to her. Why would I? I still think she is wonderful and I will continue to read her blog because I like what she has to say. I can't control if she reads mine or not and I am not going to worry about it, and that is me. I blog because I like it, I play rugby because I like it, I drink beer because I like it, I travel across the state of Texas to get my kids because I like them and I am going to be me.

All in favor say, "AYE". Oh wait, you guys don't get a vote. Get back in the bleachers and cheer, even if your cheer is a "boo", cheer.....but stay in the bleachers.

To all who may eventually read this, I say cheers. No ill will for anyone, but I got to be me!


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