Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And the winner is.....

by stu pidasso

Today brings the finish to another four years
Some winners and losers, some cheers and tears
We have the decision, it's time to compromise
Together we can stride forward, together we can rise

This nation can continue to grow and to show
That despite adversity we remain ready to go
Together we all can roll up our shirt sleeves
And march on united by common beliefs

Together we can rebuild what has been torn down
Together we can strengthen each city and town
Together we can feed our veterans and our old
We can replant our crops, we can weather the cold

Together we can educate all of our young
Together we can right the wrongs that are done
Together we can protect the ones whom we love
And our right to worship whom we think is above

Together we can agree to civilly disagree
Exactly what makes up each person's family
Together we can live and let live peaceably
Each paying their share by working honestly

together we can knuckle down and swallow our pride
together we can do our best to enjoy the short ride
together we can keep driving and shifting those gears
for the chance to vote comes again in four more years

As an added footnote (forgotten in the race of yesterday's pace), this was a dual assignment poem written using the three words offered at Three Word Wednesday and using the poem theme offered at Robert Lee Brewer's Poetic Asides Blog on the Wriers Digest site.


  1. You've made some very great points. All of it. After all, we are the UNITED States and we are blessed to be alive at a time when we can continue to grow and evolve as a people and as a nation. This was very well written ... a powerful piece.

  2. You've written a positive, hopeful response to the prompt - thanx.

  3. A nation only remains strong if it isn't divided. As soon as it becomes too far divided it begins to crumble. I'm not American but, as an outsider looking in with great interest at the election I have to say, I hope everyone can now put it all behind them as you say and, pull together. It's the only way the USA is going to remain the free world's top super power. China is fast nipping at its heels.
    Great post, well said and, thanks for such a lovely comment earlier :)

  4. I tell you what - the rest of the world was holding its breath!

  5. As it says, we "can " do it, that doesn't mean it will happen. I'm hoping though.

  6. a lot can happen when working together. it can be hard a times, but worth it in the long run.