Monday, December 30, 2013

Brick by brick...

Last post of the year, and by far, too few this year.  I will resolve to do a better job of consistently posting my musings this next year.  So what do I have to say this late in the year?  WHAT A YEAR!!  Daughter and son are healthy and happy, mom is hanging in there, I am making progress in every facet of my life (except one).  The job is going well, the house is coming along, the fitness is on an upswing, the peace of mind is co-existing well amongst all of my many multiple personalities, and my writing is steady in production (if not quality).  But by far, the biggest news of the twenty year old son is planning on moving here to live with me.  Already the new year is looking rosy.  Bring it on, 2014, bring it on!
The tornado in my head has subsided (holiday tornado), so the only thing left to do is to pick up the debris and make something better.


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    1. Thank you and best wishes to you and yours, as well.