Friday, January 24, 2014

Mirror, mirror.......

....on the wall...

Well, another Friday night and another evening of prepping my life for moving forward.  Hanging at the house doing chores and trying to get my shit together, listening to the radio and chilling out Shroomy style.  I am getting the regular barrage of calls from buddies trying to figure out what is going on for the evening and shooting them all down like predators in a singles bar.  Live band at the Watering Hole?  No, but thank you.  Latest movie release at the multiplex?  Not tonight, thanks.  Shoot some stick at the pool hall?  Not tonight, man, sorry.  You want some company, at your place?  I appreciate it, but I'll pass this time.

Just me in my habitat.  Nice to just unwind alone occasionally.

These are some of the things I'd like to do around my house...

and maybe a bit of this...

and I'd have to get a cat, which isn't likely, but maybe just so I could do this...
probably one of these instead...

and I wrote this recently...

One of Those Days
By stu pidasso
I walk tenderly about her
For she is delicate today
I see it in her body language
I know what not to say
I know the little things
That will help to ease her pain
I pick flowers in the garden
Brought by the recent rain
I make sure the dishes are done
And I dust the up high stuff
I put on some Jack Johnson
As his music is not too rough
I light the sandalwood incense
And let the wisps flavor the air
Like a cat she might hesitate
So that I may stroke her hair
Her mood hangs over the house
Like gray clouds seeping mist
And at some point I know
That she’ll want to be kissed
If I ease in slow and steady
As she lays in the bed to think
She may let me paint her toenails
In her favorite pastel pink
But before I deftly brush
the polish on each nail
I massage her pixie feet
For an extended spell
One more day I sacrifice
The time I have at hand
In order to keep happy
The prettiest girl in all the land
For even with the occasional
Grey and foreboding day
A life time spent with her
Is better than the other way


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