Monday, March 30, 2009

I started a new project that I am trying to have done by the end of the year. I am going to ask for as much input as I can get, to help keep me on schedule. My son was reading some of my poetry over Spring Break and he said he'd like to have a book of it. So I am working towards that. Anyone who knows my son and reads this blog, please do not tell him what I am doing, as I want it to be somewhat of a surprise. So, this is the first work I want to put in "His Book". Any suggstions (note it is a second draft)?? I'll try to post a new one (if not more) every Monday for editting and opinions.

My son , I want to tell why,
we see each other seldom
It is because I lived a lie,
born out of my own boredom.

There are many things of which
I long to show and teach you.
Things to help make you more rich,
If only I can reach you.

If you do not listen well
I fear it may cause you harm
But how is it that you can tell
If I am beguiling with my charm?

How do you know if you can
believe what I have to say?
When I have shown to be the man
Who can’t be trusted anyway.

I let your mother down, you see
I forsook that which I held dear
And in treating her so wrongly,
I betrayed you and your sister.

You must know that it was not
My intention to do this thing.
Often we know not what we have got
Or how much pain their losses bring.

This is why I implore you now,
guard your honor under lock and key
And strive to do your utmost best
always to be trustworthy.
stu pidasso


  1. First, I think this will be an amazing gift for him. Second, this poem was lovely and I'm touched by the honesty it contains. There are many, many men (and women) who cannot admit their failings to their children.

    When I read your comment on my blog today, I was going to tell you that I'm working on a gift for Ryan's 10th birthday, too... a list of 'life rules' in book form, called, "Because I Said So!" :) Your project for your son made me think of it.

  2. Beauitul and so honest.

    A gift to your son.

    There is a book I wish I would have read when my sons were small but am thankful for it even now as they are grown. It is called WILD AT HEART (John Eldridge) and explains so much about the boy in the man. My grown sons have read and loved it . I would recommend it to men and woman, sons and daughters. It clarifies so much.