Thursday, April 9, 2009

Revisiting the past.........Laying Pipe

So, I am a few days late on my latest project. I owe a poem here on "The Musings" to my son and to any readers out there for critiquing. Although I have already started it for this past Monday, it isn't finished. I am behind schedule for a few reasons.

First, sewer trumps poetry. As some of you know, I have been replacing my sewer line from the house all the way out to the main sewer line. Yeah, it has taken me an entire year to do it, but it is coming to a close. I got the pipe installed into the trench and the inspector has given it his blessing, so the back filling of the trench my commence. That will start tomorrow. It is pretty obvious which picture is of the trench, so I will leave it at that.

Second, I took a celebratory trip to Austin and watched the Texas Rugby Division III championship matches (that tree is over six foot wide at the base and is the biggest effing pecan tree I have EVER seen). My old team of mates, Fort Worth Rugby Club won it all by first beating the Alamo City Defenders and then the McAllen Knights (that is Stan "The Man" Venable, the DIII commissioner and Waylon the Mexican standing next to the FTW/McAllen final score). I got to party with Mr. Austin Rugby, Memo Ochoa-Cronfel, and some of the Austin Blacks players and coaching staff down on 6th Street. As expected, they were class act hosts. Memo put my friend and I up in his house for the night and the Coach, Mark Brewerton, welcomed us into his home (even though it was his wife's birthday party and we were not on the guest list, that is Waylon and their group in the coach's kitchen at the party). Classy people, classy club, classy town. You ever need to get away for the weekend (the street shot is where Memo took us down to their regular haunts near 6TH Street, I am not sure where we were but with those landmarks in the photo I shouldn't have a hard time finding it it next trip), head to Austin and catch some live music. And say hello to Memo for me.

The weekend is over and I have been back here for work and regular chore duty. Sometimes the time available just seems to evaporate. But that is life and we move along. So the next poem will be posted on Monday and it will be about.........LOYALTY! I am going to go over the work on TRUSTWORTHY again and try to improve it considerably, but it wasn't bad for a first draft.

Anyway, have a good Thursday and I'll write at everybody tomorrow.

Cheers, Shroomzilla
Note: this post was writtne back in May and is just now making it's way to production! How procrastinated is that?!?!?!?

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