Sunday, March 22, 2009

Apology and Update

First, I want to apologize to any and all that found my last Writers' Workshop Assignment offensive. I was just trying to be funny. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Second, I want to congratulate any one who is Irish for the monumental GRAND SLAM WIN over Wales to clinch their first in 61 years. I'll be watching it today with all the boys in the midst of a massive piss up. Guinness, Jameson's and Baileys for every score (that's the makings of an Irish Car Bomb for those who don't know). Even the mighty Jed knows that the Irish have it going on in the Northern Hemisphere!

Other than that, there has been so much going on and so little time to post. Where to start, where to start....? Let's go with the kids.....Spring Break rolled around and I went and got the kids from the evil witch of the east. I had to sneak in and out of Houston, but that was easier than usual, as she was working her corner up in Fort Worth, where her evil pimp "Da Man.....also known as the FBI) is whoring her out lately.

We came back home and I had the entire week off to play with the kids. The son and I made a couple of potato cannons. Forty dollars worth of supplies, call it fifty with the potatoes, and some time invested have produced to high velocity spud launchers. And they work real well!!

The DBW won't allow said son to bring his home, so I made sure he remembered how to build one and that he could scrounge the twenty bucks for supplies. He should have his own built and hidden there soon. Little bugger just needs to keep out of trouble with that thing!!

The daughter had me proof read her latest film screen play, it was really good and we did some brainstorming on it. I think she has plenty of info to draw from in furthering it towards a completed project.

Both have asked about and talked with me about inspirational content in their work. The boy entered his drawing of a phoenix into the local school district art contest and when the judges asked him why he drew what he did, his reply was "Because I think phoenixes are cool." Whereas, some kid who drew an Native American scene won because he wanted to draw attention to the plight of the Native Americans.....or something like that.

Went hunting on a buddies land near Abilene, for feral hogs with the boy. We saw a few deer and one hog as we left. Cold, wet, drizzly rain kept us from going back, but we should have because that is when the hogs showed up. We could have had some shots but next time.

We picked up some new music. Daughter got the new Lily Allen release, son grabbed Linkin Park's second try, and I bought the new Springsteen cd. Made for good listening on the way back home.

Of course, the northern cousins came and joined us as soon as they could. They brought their own potato cannon with them. They had made some upgrades to theirs though. Besides adding an electronic ignition to it, they also retro fitted it with changeable barrels. It now has the ability to have a two inch barrel or an inch and a half barrel....or.....NO BARREL AT ALL!! That's right, we can cast both barrels off a shoot that sonabitch like a freakin' flame thrower!! Is that not effing cool or what!! We even got to roast my idiot brother butt crack with it!! He jumped and offered, the youngest cousin was Johnny on the spot and hit the button before my bro could back out of it!! Four foot long flame broiled ass crack!! I wish I had that on video to post. Hilarity!! This was the same brother who almost sent a high speed spud through one of mom's house windows!! Fluck-Knuckle!!

I also took the kids to the bank and had them meet with a bank rep. I had each invest their savings in CD's. We almost have enough saved to put into their second CD. And with some tight belt, money grubbing discipline, I'll have enough they can buy a third CD before the end of the year. My dad never "made" me learn about this stuff, so I am going out of my way to teach my kids about this stuff. "Hands on" is my favorite approach. I could have done it for them, sure; but that defeats the purpose. I want them to be involved and be involved at an early age.

My sister, The Incredibly Gifted Kathy, has her own webpage for her art now. Check it out!! She is awesome and likes to trade art and ideas with any other artist. She is wicked smart and friendly too!! I hope you like her work as much as I do.

And the last bit of business left to attend to is the fate of the Weekly Caption Contest!! Melissa asked what happened to it and when will it come around again. So I will now start it's eventual reoccurring. It will be bi-monthly and will start in April. I still owe one award and will have to figure out who won that one. I'll post it pretty quickly and we'll go from there.

So until then....Live Hard, Play Rugby, and Die Ugly!!

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  1. Your sister's art is great!
    This isn't the sister you mentioned....

    Sounds like you had a great time with your children. You are very wise taking them to the bank with you- I wish I would have thought to do that with my sons when they were young.

    Potato cannons sound like too much fun- I've never heard of them before.