Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Old Poetry

I have been meaning to post and to write and to read some of your blogs, but I have just been a procrastinator recently. As I surf the web and read some of all of your stuff, I come across things that spur me to action. I post a lot on other writing sites. Pictures, Prose and Poetry is one of them. Although the post is quite old (three weeks), one of the topics there had my interest and I have been meaning to post a reply to it for some time. That time is now. To keep you, my random reader, from having to track down the old poem which I posted in their comments section for a post from three weeks ago; I have re posted the poem here for your distinct reading pleasure.

Note: Only one soul was tortured during the writing of this poem and he will survive. I do not recommend that amateurs try this at home.

Her Kiss

Driving into Travis County, on Interstate 95
It was cold and wet and misty; but it felt great to be alive.
I’d been to Bastrop to see my woman and a kiss was all I got,
And she may not realize it but that kiss sure meant a lot.
Because her kiss is sweeter than any carmel popcorn
And stronger than any dragon that has walked the earth
I wouldn’t trade it for chocolates, money or venison
Anyone who’s had her kiss knows exactly what they’re worth.
But to me that kiss is priceless
And it made my whole world right
Because it reminds me why I stay my course,
Go to work and fight the fight.
Because under overwhelming odds
And obstacles by the score
She puts her kids, family and loved ones first
Even when it brings struggles all the more.
By providing me with that example
In an always cheerful and gracious way
She gently gives me my reminder
To call and tell my kids, "I love you", each day.
stu pidasso
November 14th, 2004


  1. WHOA! She should be very proud.

    A kiss I'd trade for chocloates would have to be ONE POWERFUL kiss!

  2. Oh that is lovely. Really truely. I am not such a one for obvious rhymes, but this works for me in a way others I have read, do not! Perhaps t is becuase of the story woven through your words. Whatever, I am liking this kiss; muchly.

    BTW Yes Stu, pretty much, but then I do have a vivid imagination too *wink*

  3. http://wwwwherethewindblows.blogspot.com/2009/03/lsd-shattered-illusions.html

    See what I mean?