Thursday, June 4, 2009

MEMO says, "Read this post!!"

Whoa. I am behind. I got spoiled here at work by not having anything to do for too long. Now that I have work on my desk I am finding my creative writing time in short supply. So I will cut to the chase.

First, it is time once again for Mama Kat’s Writers Workshop. This week I am choosing to write about her second prompt, which is to share a recent adventure you had with a friend.
Back in April I traveled down to Austin to watch some friends play in the Texas rugby playoffs. My teammate, Waylon, went with me (or I went with him since he drove). While there, we met an older rugger, who had played quite a bit with some of our previous teammates. His name is Memo, and he is! What more can I say, HE IS! Waylon ranked him by virtue of universal importance as follows:

1 God
2 Allah
3 Buddha
4 Chuck Norris
5 Stan Venable
6 Memo

Everyone after that is just a mere mortal. We had no idea. This guy took us into his home, set us up for the weekend, partied with us on 6th Street and then back to the Austin Rugby Club’s coaches house where we joined a birthday party until 5AM. FIVE.EFFING.AM!! We were drop dead tired and he was still wanting to party. Now I don’t know about you, but I am forty-one now and my body clock doesn’t tick or ring or anything else except just shut down. This older guy was kicking our asses all over the dance floor and sweeping women just out of college off their feet and juggling them five at a time. HE IS MEMO!! That guy in the beer commercial that does all those incredible things….yeah, he was patterned after Memo. Well anyway, here’s to Memo (he is the bottom left most player in the photo), cheers dude!

I also am posting my submission for last weeks Writers Workshop….I hope it was worth the wait. I chose to make a movie/slide show of the "Ten Things That Make Me Smile". They are (in the order they appear in the movie) my dog (Brutus), good food, children, good music, rugby, accomplishing my goals, dancing (especially to Mustang Sally), Road trips, my family, and any of God’s art. Hope you all enjoy!


  1. Oh my goodness Stu! I LOVE your list of happy things in picture format! How creative and fun are you? : )

    I could never party until 5 am even when I was in college. Your friend sounds impressive : ).

  2. I love friends like that who just make you excited and young...ok so I know I'm "technically" young, but I FEEL old!!! And I have friends like that and they're awesome!

  3. That pic is from 1989 (I was 21 that year). Memo must be fifty-five or so (how's that for young at heart??).