Friday, June 12, 2009

Letters to the dead....

I posted a letter a while back to my departed dad. That was a hard letter to write. This one was a lot harder because the loss of my friend is fresh.

Note: to all the regular readers or random tourists, please skip or forgive me for the last part of this post. I feel very strongly that it is needed. If I offend any parties not involved, I apologize now for doing so. If the last part of this post it is addressed to you, then I hope it hurts your feelings as much as you have hurt mine.

That said, this is my weekly assignment for Mama Kat's blog.

Jerry, my departed brother;
I am at a loss for what to say. I left town Thursday night to get my kids and while I was traveling across Texas you lost your life. It was a shock to find out when I came home that you were no longer with us. It was also a shock to find out that you had been having seizures. I understand that your personal medical situation is a private thing, but our friendship has endured things much harder than that. I had no idea you were on any kind of medication. Had I known I would have been more supportive of your efforts to stay within your doctors orders to refrain from alcohol. You were my friend, my teammate and my confidant. You were a fellow member of the crooked finger club. You were one of the few people I let into my life and now you are gone. I feel for your wife. I feel for your four sons, especially your ten year old. Losing a dad to divorce is hard and I am experiencing that first hand with my son, but to lose a dad forever is horribly difficult. You will always be my friend and be in my heart Jerry. You will be sorely missed by all of us in the rugby club, in your company, in this city. You would be amazed at how many people came to your service. I had no idea this many people knew you and knew of you.

We have assured the officer who shot you that he was not in error for what he did and that had there been any other way to resolve the situation that it would have been so. I am sorry that you were experiencing the things you were. I am sorry that the medication was having the effect on you that it was having. If only we could have gotten you off of it sooner, maybe you would still be with us. Your sons have stepped up and really been great in this time of need. You would be so proud of Ray. I know you two had your moments of hardship, but he has been a rock for your wife.

Goodbye my friend and I will join you on God's pitch someday where we will both gloriously spear tackle the devil for our love of Jesus. Ruck on brother!

With all my love,
your brother

Now for the ugly part. Please, if you do not like offensive words, DO NOT READ FURTHER!!

Over the last week there has been a lot of online communication about the loss of my brother and all the facts associated with his death. Although, I may have posted comments that were not productive to the situation, they were in direct response to some of the other posting commenters.

To these commenters, who include:

on myopenforum -

Texas Streak in Abilene,
WestTexasMom in Midland,
LogiQ in Midland,
Bert in Midland

and in the open comments section of the mywesttexas news article -

Sad but its not the first time,
ANN (you fucking cunt!!),
uni-polar steve,
and especially Crystal Clear (another fucking cunt!!)

You are all a bunch of worthless motherfuckers. If you were on fire I would not stop and piss on you to put the flames out. You carelessly post the shit from that bowel you call a brain about my friend when he isn't even in the ground yet. If you are ever unlucky enough to experience a similar situation as what I/we have had to endure, I hope you have to put up with the same kind of treatment and comments I/we had to read at your doing. But karma is a weird thing ain't it and maybe that is exactly what you deserve, to experience the same kind of situation. And as far as me seeming to be threatening you.....take it for what you will, go file a complaint with the police, go fuck yourselves, just go away....I don't care. If you were all to die tomorrow it wouldn't bring a single tear drop to my eyes. But if you ever step on a rugby field with me and I realize who you are I will strive to break your body in every manner I can within the laws of the game. I will step right in the middle of your face and scream "karma sent from Rheino with love, bitch!!"


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss. I can only imagine, based on your words, how hard this situation has been. I'm thinking of you... xo

  2. Diane, I did worry about offending you with this. I don't like acting this way and I will admit that you handle things like this better than I do. I hope you do not think less of me for defending my friend.

  3. Oh my gosh I had no idea. I'm so sorry! Wasn't he living with you for awhile? This must be devestating for your family. I wish there was something I could say.

    And as for the second part. Fuck'em. They're not even worth wasting a thought on your blog for. But I'm glad you got it off your chest.

  4. Thanks, Kat....and yes, eff 'em. I just wish everyone of them knew where to come read their message. Oh well.