Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Memories, mammories and mommeries

Between my rant about the local rag of a newspaper a few weeks ago and my post a few days ago about my friend and the boobs who were posting inflammatory comments about the circumstances of his demise, I figure I've had enough negative on this blog to last the rest of the year. So, I am going to try to say nothing at all if it isn't nice.

That said, I went down to Houston to get my kids for the summer break. While there with my mother, who went along to visit with her sister, Betty; we took a trip to the Houston Zoo. Vana Lea, Miles and I took turns taking pictures of all the sites to be seen and I must admit, my kids take good pictures. Not all of them came out wonderful, but enough looked good that I could put together this little movie/slide show for any who wish to view it. I hope you like the music as well. And yes, I would recommend the zoo, especially in the cool of the morning.


  1. Dropped by via Pictures, Poetry & Prose. I absolutely loved your duck piece. Great ending!

    Have enjoyed perusing your blog. Very witty and insightful. It's always the ones in glass houses who seem to fling the rocks, isn't it? I truly believe in Karma. It will all come full circle. Maybe not in this life, but there's always the next one. Just sit back and watch it happen. We'll all be sitting in our lawn chairs with you, gesturing with our beers, saying "See? Told ya."

  2. It looks like a wonderfully fun trip
    : ) Kaish just LOVES the zoo. Loves it like crazy!

    I am sorry for the loss of your friend. So sad.

  3. What fun pics...your daughter looks a little like me {lucky girl...lol} except I look younger...of course! Love the music choice. Now I wanna go to the zoo...maybe the aquarium instead.