Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Would you, my haiku, and much ado about woo hoo

Dull Winter moments-
daily chores wait quietly
as I keep working
by stu pidasso

A normal Spring day-
sunshine washes in and out
like ocean tides.

by stu pidasso

Summer romances-
cuddling lazily with her
the hammock dances.
by stu pidasso

An Autumn cold snap-
blue northern descends on us
as moods turn southward.

by stu pidasso

I feel as if I am a passionate person. I am definitely opinionated about certain things, obsessive about others, fixated on a few, mesmerized by a handful, preoccupied with two, and focused on one. Yes, many things spark an interest in me, but there are certain things that do have special places in my life and in my mind.

My children, for instance, are my love. I will do anything I can to help them. If they call, I listen. I won't give them the world, but I'll help them plot and plan how to earn it. I would kill to protect them and give them up willingly to spare them heartache. I punish them to teach them (when I must), yet let them stumble in order for them to grow and learn. I help plant the seeds of their future with them and sacrifice all so that they may flourish and bloom larger and more beautiful than I. I would die for them just so they may live.

My poetry also drives me. I write on a myriad of topics, from the death of my family life, to the addictions that kept me going through my metamorphosis, to the rebirth of myself as a single man committed to helping my kids avoid the mistakes I made, and finally arriving at the worn out old man who just wants to watch the world turn as he waits for his grand kids to visit. I have written about love and hate, condemnation and forgiveness, how to be a man and how to fail as one. I have written silly little love poems and scathing diatribes on why something deserves to die. I have written to and about friends, loves, enemies, strangers and occasional good people who have shared moments of my life.

I enjoy my music daily. Most any music is pleasing to me. I have found pieces of aural pleasantry in near every genre known. And I find that it soothes me, helps me focus when I need to, and it lets me slip away when I need a break. I find inspiration in the words of other poets who have the ability to set their messages to lovely melodies. I believe music is an international form of communication that can transcend any language barrier. I believe it can heal the soul. There is a song for any moment you can experience.

Family affects me everyday. Who we are and what we have become is directly resulting from the family we share our lives with day to day. Good or bad, we are directly influenced by the ones we live among. We are who we came from and our children will be who we are as we pass ourselves along to them and their children. The cycles can be broken and morphed and even righted from a wrong,but the cycles still happen. Anyone who turns their back on their family just ain't no good (Springsteen song).

Love, true love, romantic love, dedicated "die for you" in your time of need love; is my only want. I had it at least thrice and pissed it away all three times. I regret all three instances and can tell you exactly at what point I made all three errors (in my mind). I think I understand now, and I feel I am ready. I'm not settling and I'm not giving up, but when she presents herself to me in my little world....we'll know it. And I will strive to be an obedient student, focused on learning lesson upon lesson concerning how to treat her right to help us be the best people and friends we can be. I will strive to share with her an enjoyment in each and every day to its fullest extent. I will strive to be a steady rock for her, that we may hold onto each other no matter how harsh the storm or brutal the weather we must endure. I will not stop trying to respect her enough to know when to say yes and to respect myself enough to know when to say no. I don't know if she will ever find me or I her, but if we do, I know what I am NOT going to do and that is take her or our love for granted again. Life is a journey and it is so much more fun when you are travelling with someone you enjoy being near.


  1. The four season poems are great. A lot of work, because it's hard to write powerful words in such a small amount of space. Enjoyed your post.
    Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  2. Oh, positively LOVELY haikus! I love haikus. They're full of so much power in so few words. Stopping by from mamakats. THanks for visiting my blog too!

  3. You sound like a man deserving of that kind of love. Just don't sit on your ass and wait for it to find you, ok? You sound like you've been through enough in life and that now you know what you truly want, so don't wait!
    Oh, and I liked your Haikus. Very beautiful!