Wednesday, August 31, 2011

They're coming down like rain drops...

One of my nieces, as well as my daughter, is off at college now; away from home for the first time. She is a bit homesick and misses her mother badly. I am not sure if the kids realize that we, as parents, miss them as much if not more than they miss us.

Cheer up young one and embrace your future and the adventures it brings. Relax and take comfort that there is a safety net "under" you.

Homesick Blues To Lose

by stu pidasso


Absence makes the heart grow fonder

and road trips taken home from yonder

give those loved ones reason to ponder

why their cherished must leave and wander.

But the safe nest is found too small

to hold your dreams and hopes so tall

fly you must though risk the fall

and return a later day to them all

For now, hold your weary head up high

remember that we all sometimes cry

and the time you are gone will slip by

as they wait to welcome 'morphed butterfly

For as Hugo wrote of butterfly and flower,

tested is each and every parents power

to wait patiently each week, day and hour

for their butterfly's return, like refreshing shower.

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