Friday, May 25, 2012

How to spend a lazy Sunday...

One of the necessities of life, food, they say is the way to a man's heart.  They might be wrong, they might be right, but if one knows how to cook, that person will always have friends willing to hang out and sample the end results.  Whether throwing together a simple salad (my sis-in-law, Mel, makes awesome salads) or cooking a seven course meal, Knowing how to prep, cook and serve a meal to others is a valuable set of skills to have.

Recently, I received one of my Texas Monthly issues and the best article in the magazine was about food....Texas food!  It had a list of ten dishes that any "self-respecting" Texan should be able to cook.  It even gave a tool list for the chef as a recommendation to obtain and with which to become proficient.

I have been practicing my cooking and grilling for a few years now and have achieved some wonderful results with my ribs, dove poppers and shrimp boils, specifically, and most recipes I've attempted, in general.  However, I was woefully lacking when it came to the dishes suggested by the article.  I can remember my mother cooking most of them, but I had very little experience serving, for instance, enchiladas.  Never done it.  Fried chicken?   Zero attempts.  Homemade chicken fried steak?  Never even crossed my mind to try it.  Brisket?  Brisket.  BRISKET!!  Only in my dreams.

One of my buddies has heard this story, and he invited me over to watch and help him cook a brisket.

The above slide show is his short story.  I hope you all enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed the lesson.

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