Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just For you...

Acts of Random Kindness
by stu pidasso

Dancing through the supermarket
with wildflowers in his hand
pausing at each girl and woman
just long enough to land
he is sharing nature's bounty
one beautiful bloom at a time
he flits away just as suddenly
a joyous butterfly pantomime

He loves to stroll the neighborhoods
picking up Mother's paintbrushes
whisking them off to who knows where
to help elicit spontaneous blushes
he transportss his magnificent cargo
to those who seem in need
hoping to make this world better
by sowing happiness, seed by seed

Sing, dance
laugh play
the Smile Fairy
is on the way
Sprinkling flowers
this sunny day
in acts of random kindness

These kaleidoscopes of color
These gifts kissed by the sun
are little spots of wonderfulness
put here on Earth for everyone
No matter a person's emotional state
Scared, sad, glad, mad or confused
an unexpected "masterpiece of art"
is guaranteed to leave anyone amused

You, too, can be a Smile Fairy
and deliver good will each day
all that is required of you
is that you take a brief foray
out into this amazing place
which seems to slip the busy mind
and carry some of that color off
just to leave it once more behind

Sing, dance
laugh and play
the Smile Fairy
is on the way
sprinkling flowers
this sunny day
in acts of random kindness

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  1. Beautiful. I'm so glad you're still around :).