Wednesday, January 1, 2014

On your mark...


Another beginning is upon us.  Today is the first blank page in a 365 page book, let's write a good one.  I have never been good about making resolutions or keeping them when I've made them, but if I were going to make one for this year it would be to improve my devotion to my own mind, body and spirit.  I will try to read, write and plan more, as well as to think more before I speak or act.  I will try to focus more time and energy to being fitter.  I will strive to be happier and enjoy life each and every day, and try to spread some of that happiness to those around me who touch my life.

Therefore; a blog post, a walk and stretch session (accompanied by some good music), and some time spent with lost loved ones and communing in nature is in order.

But first, about this time last year (since I missed posting so much of last year) I was helping to work on one of mom's bathrooms...

I was working on my own house...
and I was enjoying seeing some of these friends around my house...

and I was writing this...

How Do I Feel
By stu pidasso
I feel like 4:20 just rolled by.
like I'm soaring through the sky.
Barrel rolling through clouds of white,
sky blue backdrop, man that's tight.
I buzz the ground this early dawn,
so close I can smell the manicured lawn.
Loop the loop, ride the breeze,
chase the wind through some vitek trees.
A pass down through Zilker Park,
and spook a dog that begins to bark.
I bank around Rock Island, at last,
and head for home zephyr fast.
Alit on front room sofa seat,
pass that jazoint my wings are beat.

I power walked 1.1 miles in 17 minutes and 40 seconds.  Then I stretched for another twenty minutes.  the sunset was gorgeous and the weather was nice.  I need to keep walking until I get the urge to start jogging.

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