Thursday, January 2, 2014


That didn't last long...

I was sitting at the field waiting for practice when the call came in to the Shroomphone.  Someone was in need.  I found the nearest phone booth, changed into my caped avenger outfit and flew to the rescue.

Turns out they didn't need help.  They are just lazy.  Hey Shroom, I have some work that I'm getting paid to do and thought you may want to help me do it.

I do......for the last time.

I missed my workout.  My spirit is not in the shape I wish it to be. least I'm writing.

Here are some of the things I worked upon today...

Now to get it inspected.....

And I did this...

And last year I was doing this...

And I wrote this...

Brian’s 12th Birthday Poem
Written by stu pidasso

Usually when something is lost
Immediately, we know the cost
Of the thing or things we miss
Occasionally, though, it takes time
Like the slow build up of grime
On the neck of your brother, Chris
Sure, you shake your head in disgust
But I know, and you can trust,
Without y’all life would have no bliss
For now that Georgia has taken you two
I am left in Texas, sad and blue
And having you back would be my wish
So blow out your candles, Birthday Boy
I hope you get that wanted toy
But no matter know that you are missed.
Hug your brother, mom and dad
Know that thinking of you makes me glad
And you four will always be on my list
Of people I hope to see again
Like an old, long-lost, best friend
Who gets a fist bump, hug or kiss.
Back at work, too.  Another day, another dollar.

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